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Custom awards – why you should spend a little more

Giving someone an award for an important achievement is a special occasion. Depending on the forum and significance of the award, the event may involve a lot of hard work, time and money. And if you are handing over a corporate award, you want something to suit the occasion. Rather than picking a trophy off the shelf that is one of hundreds of replicas, why not create something unique to your company and the award being presented? With ME Trophies, you can create a one-of-a-kind piece that will be revered for years to come.

ME Trophies is a Brisbane based awards company offering both online pieces and custom plaques and trophies. They have over 400 products ready to order, as well as the option to create a custom award from scratch with free artwork, proofing and engraving to ensure you get the product you deserve. With more than half a century in the industry, they have the knowledge and expertise to help craft a unique corporate award that the recipient will be proud to display.

As an all Australian company, ME Trophies have access to some of the finest artisans the country has to offer.  The custom pieces are sourced locally and inspired by Australian culture, using only the best products and equipment to create anything from a resin cast custom plaque or an eco-friendly timber trophy to a dynamic glass corporate award or a stainless steel trophy. From the shape and material used in the award, to the polishing and computer engraving, ME Trophies can help create a valuable and unique piece.

If you want to impress your employees or nominees, consider creating a custom award with the help of ME Trophies. Although it may cost a little more, the innovation and hard work put into a unique piece will not only excite guests but also increase the recognition and credibility of your organisation.

To see what ME Trophies have previously done, or to start your custom award journey, talk to the trophy makers in Brisbane by calling 1800 812 691 today.

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The ME Difference

A corporate awards ceremony is one of the few occasions when you bring your staff together in one location, often at great expense, to reward those high achievers who have “gone that extra distance”. During the evening you may present your staff with a selection of trophies that you hope will enhance the event and show the true value that you place on your staff’s performance. Therefore, it is important that your corporate trophies and awards are of highest quality. This is where ME Trophies outshines the competition.

Superior Awards

The fact that ME Trophies has been providing superior awards for over thirty years is in itself an indication of their success. During that time, ME Trophies have built up a large customer base that continues to grow. This is due largely to the superior products and services that ME Trophies provides. Their quality awards and trophies can be tailor-made to your exact specifications using the most advanced manufacturing processes. So whether you want sporting trophies, corporate plaques or custom design sculptures, ME Trophies can deliver.

Standard of Service

From first enquiry through to production and delivery, the standard of service that ME Trophies provides is outstanding. The team is always prepared to go out of their way to meet your requirements. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ME Trophies are so confident in the quality of their products that they provide all their customers with a

100% satisfaction guarantee.

This means that if you are unhappy in any way with the trophy, they will replace the product for free or will refund you the amount you paid.

Free Delivery to anywhere in Australia

On every order over $500, ME Trophies will arrange delivery free of charge to anywhere in Australia. If the value is below that figure they will charge a flat fee of only $16.50. In order to qualify for this free delivery service, the item must be sent by standard road freight and the goods must have been fully paid for before postage. ME Trophies will even provide a tracking number so you can monitor the transportation of your trophies.

Free engraving, proofing and artwork

ME Trophies does not charge extra for engraving, proofing and artwork. They take as long as is necessary to get the proof correct. They also have no “line limit” on engravings so you can put as many or as few words as you so wish on your trophies. Best price guaranteed Should one of ME’s competitors offer an identical product at a lower price they will guarantee to beat it. Contact a ME Trophies representative for further terms and conditions.

These are just a few of the reasons why ME Trophies should be your next choice for all your corporate awards and trophies.

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Different types of corporate awards

Since 1957, ME Trophies have catered to thousands of corporate awards ceremonies in a wide variety of business and sporting sectors. They offer a wide range of corporate awards to cater for all their customers’ requirements. Whatever the success that you are recognizing, ME trophies have an award to meet your exacting requirements. So whether you are recognising your best sales consultant or the winner of the annual corporate golf tournament, ME trophies have something to satisfy even the most discerning client. One thing that you can be assured of is that all of ME’s corporate awards are made to the highest quality, using the best available materials. Their awards also cover a broad range of prices so are certain to find a quality product that will satisfy your financial requirements.

There are a variety of corporate awards to choose from:


A quality plaque produced by ME Trophies will sit pride of place in the office or in the home. Whatever the achievement, you can be assured that there is a wall plaque available from ME Trophies’ to suit the occasion. Plaques are produced using a variety of materials such as glass, bronze, brass, steel, timber or a diamond polished acrylic design. They also have an exclusive range of custom designed Sapphire acrylic plaques for that extra special achievement. For plaques that will be displayed outside, ME Trophies offer coated plastics, anodised aluminium, brass or stainless steel designs that can withstand the elements.


ME Trophies are proud of the fact that their silver trophies are built to the highest quality using designs from Italy and the UK. In fact, all of their Champion and Premium Silver Cups are handcrafted using solid spun brass plus 10 micron plating so they can be expected to last for centuries. For all the corporate sporting fans; whether you play golf, football, rugby, cricket or tennis, ME Trophies offer a wide range of affordable trophies that look outstanding.

Custom Trophies and Awards

For that extra special ceremony, ME Trophies are able to create unique, beautiful custom designed awards and trophies that reflect your corporate culture. They can be tailor-made to your exact specification using the most advanced manufacturing processes. So if you are looking for a cast bronze award or sculpture, ME Trophies can deliver. For a range of corporate awards for your next ceremony, contact ME Trophies, Brisbane’s premier corporate awards manufacturer. We promise you that you will be thrilled with the finished results.

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Affordable, convenient and unique – ME Trophies online awards

Awards in a corporate community are a great way to encourage and validate your employees’ hard work. They represent your appreciation and are a great way to motivate staff. However, not everyone has the money or time for a custom made piece and it is important to find a happy medium between aesthetics, individuality and affordability. This is where ME Trophies’ budget range comes in.

 Their great range of trophies online includes anything from a custom design made to your specifications to glass plaques and trophy cups off the shelf. ME Trophies’ budget cups and budget glass awards are a great option if you want something unique yet affordable.

 The budget trophy cups come in six different designs. The look varies between trophy cup size, stand material and colour. The award can be made unique with additions such as laser engravings. Hand-crafted on solid spun brass with 10 micron plating, the budget trophy cups at ME Trophies will last a lifetime.

 The budget glass awards from ME Trophies are ideal for corporate events and accolades. Affordable but high quality, their extensive range includes simplistic rectangular glass plaques, circular designs and a number of more unusual shapes to choose from. And with a dedicated team of in-house graphic artists, laser engraving and printing specialists on hand, each award is easy to customise, making it one-of-a-kind.

 With so much to choose from and all budget options available online, it is easy to find something unique without sacrificing precious time or money. ME Trophies have the skills and products to ensure effective solutions to your award needs. You can check out ME Trophies budget glass awards and budget trophies online.

 For more information or advice on how they can help find the right fit for your budget, call ME Trophies on 1800 812 691. More contact details can be found in the Contact tab.

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Symbols that say Thank You!

There are many ways you can show appreciation for a job well done. Whether it is to honour a fundraising initiative or to show an employee that their hard work is noticed, there are lots of ways to say thank you. Instead of going for a cliché, such as a card or food treat, why not give them a more memorable thank you with a plaque or trophy?


Fundraising events take a lot of time and effort. Whoever leads the fundraising event has to organise where and when, get participants, offer activities and food and drink and ensure they get a good return to take back to the charity. In most cases, this is with no reward. If you know someone who has led a fundraising event, or have worked with a person involved, a great way to show them their work is appreciated is with a thank you plaque or trophy.


Recognising the hard work of individuals can strengthen a team. Often, employees work hard without any reward. There are many ways to acknowledge this hard work, but an award can be a tangible and permanent way to say “thank you” for the hard work they put in every day or perhaps for a job well done with a difficult task or high profile client. In this case, a simple plaque is usually the best way to show your appreciation.

ME Trophies is a Queensland based company offering corporate awards and plaques to clients across the country. Whether you want something simple and convenient or are looking for a customised award, ME Trophies can help. Head online or call 1800 812 691 for more information.

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Custom Awards from ME Trophies

Corporate awards and public recognition are powerful ingredients in workplace productivity.  Today, corporate awards cover everything from “sales rep of the year” to “best casual Friday outfit”. If you are hoping to maximise your workplace productivity and improve company morale, talk to the consultants at ME Trophies about their quality range of custom plaques and trophies.

The team at ME Trophies know how important reward initiatives are and will design unique awards and trophies that capture your brand, enhance your human resources and ensure your recipient feels appreciated. Combining innovative designs and quality materials, ME Trophies specialise in creating custom plaques and trophies that are creative, professional and unique.  

In order to do this, they take time to carefully consider the planning and design process. From initial concept to final order, the team at ME Trophies will consult with you to discuss your specific requirements and ensure the finished product fits the design brief. They can even provide you with preliminary sketches, 2D illustrations, 3D renders or pre-production samples.

With a diverse range of manufacturing processes such as laser cutting, fabrication, polishing, painting, printing, sublimation, sand blasting and computer engraving, your custom corporate award is only limited by your imagination. They can even design your corporate award to include a personalised message or feature your company logo.

You will also benefit from ME Trophies’ extensive network of artists and manufacturers who specialise in laser cutting, metal coating, timber joinery, castings and sculpture. From hand-crafted timber sculptures to compelling cast bronze or gold plated designs, ME Trophies can bring your ideas to life.

Outstanding performance deserves special recognition and personalised care. Show your employees you appreciate them with a custom award or trophy from ME Trophies. To find out more information about their custom design process or to get a quote on your next corporate awards ceremony, contact the professionals on (07) 3393 964.

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Corporate awards – custom versus premade


Whether it is for an annual awards night or just to recognise an individual’s hard work, trophies and plaques are a great way to show your appreciation of the hard work of your employees. When looking at what kind of award you want, it is important to consider its purpose, your budget and who the award is for. One choice you need to make is whether you want to create a custom award or buy off the shelf.

Custom awards

The beauty of a custom award is that it is like no other. You can choose to create as little or as much as you want, from the material used and shape it is cut into, to the design on the award and what is written on it. Although it may cost a little more and take some time to make, a custom trophy or plaque is ideal for one off awards or special occasions, delivering a unique and out-of-the-box product that the awardee will be proud to display.

Premade awards

Although it may not be as unique as a custom award, a premade trophy or plaque is still a feasible option that can offer quality and convenience. Unlike a custom award, off the shelf products can be ready in a matter of days, only requiring engraving of a name or award title to suit. It is quick and convenient and can be a lot more affordable. This is a great option if you are looking for an award that will be the same year in, year out, want something made quickly or are looking for an affordable way to show your employees you appreciate their efforts.


ME Trophies is an Australian trophies, plaques and awards supplier offering a wide range of custom and premade awards for any occasion. They can help you find a unique piece suitable for your needs and budget, whether it be a custom award or off the shelf. Visit them online or call 1800 812 691 to find out more.

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Plaques: simple ways to show appreciation

An award doesn’t need to be for something out of the ordinary. Expressing your appreciation for an employee’s continual hard work is a great way to boost morale and ensure the continuation of their behaviour. It helps people feel like they are contributing and are noticed for their hard work. One way you can show your appreciation is with a plaque.

Taking the time to show your employees you appreciate their efforts will improve the respect and productivity of your workforce. Recognising the hard work people put in day in and day out without any reward will make your employees feel like they make a significant impact on the runnings of the business. It will show you care about your employees and understand how much effort they put into every day.

Using a plaque to show your appreciation is a simple and affordable way to increase the happiness and output of your employees. ME Trophies, a Queensland based company, have a wide range of glass and timber plaques perfect for recognising the efforts of your workforce. Coming in a wide range of shapes, designs and prices, there is something for everyone.

If you have a little more money to spare, ME Trophies also offer custom plaques, allowing you to personalise the award. This means you can add your company’s logo or an image significant to the employee on the plaque, as well as working with ME Trophies to choose the overall design and specifications of the award.

Don’t ignore the value of your employees. Recognise the important role they play in your company with a plaque to show your appreciation, benefiting not only the employee, but also your business. For more advice, or to look at the plaques ME Trophies have on offer, contact the Queensland based business by calling 1800 812 691 or filling out a contact form online.

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The importance of recognition during times of financial uncertainty

It has long been understood that employee recognition is a powerful ingredient in workplace productivity.  Just as a company needs its employees to generate a profit, employees need incentives to maintain productivity.  It is therefore a logical transition that an investment in your employees is an investment in the future success of your company.

Such investments in the human capital of your company are even more important during hard economic times. Often, the stress of financial uncertainty can filter down through a company, resulting in lowered moral and decreased workplace productivity.  This is known as a ‘psychological recession’ and is often experienced by employees during budget reductions, layoffs and corporate re-structures.

In order to counteract the effects of a ‘psychological recession’ on employee productivity, managers must develop and implement strategic incentive schemes during times of financial uncertainty.  An effective rewards scheme can not only increase workplace productivity, it can also lead to an increase in job satisfaction which, in turn, results in higher rates of retention and lower employee turnover.

An effective rewards scheme should:

  • Reward employees for developing new ideas, outstanding performance or for showing initiative.
  • Be meaningful to the recipient and personalised according to the employee’s interests and motivations.
  • Be timely and genuine.
  • Be appropriate in size to the level of effort and achievement.

An organisation’s reward system does not have to cost a lot of money in order to be effective. Besides compensation in the form of wages, other non-monetary rewards can include opportunities for training, constructive feedback, and public recognition.

Many studies have found that group recognition has an even greater impact on workplace performance. One creative way of recognising individuals in a group setting is with awards and trophies. This is where the idea for ‘Employee of the Month’ first originated.

Today, corporate awards cover everything from “sales rep of the year” to “winner of workplace pool competition”. If you are hoping to maximise your workplace productivity through the implementation of a low cost rewards scheme, talk to the consultants at ME Trophies about their quality range of affordable corporate trophies and plaques.

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Our new Trotec laser engraver, good enough for Iron Man!

This year we purchased what we consider the best laser engraver on the market, the Trotec Speedy 300 Flexx. With super accuracy, consistent power and a table speed to surpass its competitors our new laser is quite the super hero. Good enough for Tony Stark, aka Iron Man... you can watch the official Iron Man 3 trailer and Speedy 300 in sec 0:07

trotec speedy 300 laser ME Trophies Iron Man 3

On a more serious note, this powerhouse provides two different laser sources; both an 80 watt CO2 laser for engraving and cutting acrylic, timber and coated materials and a 30 watt fiber laser for marking directly into metal.

How does this benefit you?

Here's three quick reasons:

1. As your bespoke trophy and award designer we have a commitment for in-house fabrication and engraving, so you don't pay a premium from third party designers.

2. No matter what the material for your plaque, award or trophy we can give you the highest quality laser engraving available.

3. We can prototype our ideas quickly by laser cutting and engraving a vast array of materials such as plastic, paper, cardboard, rubber, acrylic, textiles and wood.

Just like super heroes, there's always one clear winner in the story... and that's your trophy and award recipient. They are your clear winner and they deserve the best for making your team even better.

You too can count on ME Trophies and our new Trotec Speedy 300 to deliver you the best impression and a happy ending in your story - delivered on time, every time!

Check out our extensive offering of corporate awards with a wide range of products to suit your recognition program. From custom trophies to star awards, we can help provide the right product for you. Visit us online or call (07) 3393 9644 to find out more about our corporate awards.

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Awards and trophies for your team building program

Team building is a great way to strengthen the relationships in your business and encourage networking between colleagues. It harbours trust and allows employees to enhance their strengths as well as recognise others for theirs. Rewarding the hard work and new skills learned during a team building program is a great way to further encourage these positive results.

An award or trophy is a great approach to recognising someone’s effort. Trophies for hard workers or friendly employees during the team building program will greatly benefit the team as a whole, as the employee will be rewarded for their hard work to show they are noticed and encourage others to follow their example. It is important to let someone know when they are doing well as the feeling of recognition will mean they will continue the hard work down the track.

A prize for a team building exercise is also a great incentive to your employees. For example, if you have a competition that pits two teams of employees against each other, a trophy for the winning team will inspire friendly competition, encouraging the employees to work harder for the reward both during and beyond the program.

The point of a team building program is to bring together your employees and help them form a cohesive team, despite their different roles. Awards and trophies for a job well done, particularly when awarded to a group, will encourage this joint effort and help continue to unity back in the office or on the work site.

Whether you are on a budget or have a little more to spend, even a small award or trophy can have a big impact on an employee. ME Trophies, a Queensland based company offering corporate awards, has a wide range of products to suit your team building program. From glass trophies to custom plaques, they can help find the right product for you. Visit them online or call (07) 3393 9644 to find out more about their corporate awards.

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In Australian Businesses, Do Awards Still Matter?

Do you still long to receive that coveted award from your company? Be it a recognition for exceptional performance or achieving targets, companies in Australia have proven that awards are still pertinent and appreciated.

Proper Recognition

In an organisation, every task in each department holds a certain level of importance to keep the company afloat. Depending on the awareness of individual employees, not everyone may be “in the know” as to how essential their contributions are to the company’s success. The presentation of awards serves as a reminder for everyone to value their work the same way management values them.

Right Motivation

Employees are driven by different factors: money, career growth, obligation. We all strive to be efficient workers, but finding the right motivation can be a challenge. Handing out performance awards to deserving employees gives them a tangible symbol which they can hold on to. Displaying the coveted trophy may even encourage productivity-related discussions amongst staff.

Healthy Competition

A healthy challenge draws out the competitive spirit of participants and raises the level of performance a notch higher. Companies can build on this idea of healthy competition by pitting sections or departments against each other. Each member will feel obligated to contribute to the team’s success. Winning the award provides each staff with a sense of fulfilment, thereby promoting a productive culture.

To answer the question: yes, awards are valued in the Australian work environment. Companies are certainly aware and have been handing out trophies and plaques to deserving staff. If your organisation doesn’t put this into practice, perhaps you can give it a try and contact ME Trophies.

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Plaques – A Classy Approach

Trophies are often used as symbols and rewards to recognise the efforts and achievements by an individual or an organisation. If you want to add a touch of class to your awards, perhaps you might want to consider plaques from ME Trophies.

Recognition and motivation

Plaques are a good way to show recognition for performances and milestones. The space allows for more text, and you can hang it on the wall to invite the curious to come take a closer look. The inclusion of words and descriptions can serve as motivation for employees or team members to work harder and strive to replicate their accomplishments.

Sponsorship and representation

Companies see the benefit of using plaques for sponsorship ceremonies. During events, the plaques stand out, especially if reflective material is used. The plaque can be customised to be moulded in a branded design, with the choice of material applied accordingly. Through the adapted design, the plaque can also stand as the representation of the company’s contributions to a specific cause. It’s always a wonderful sight to see plaques lined up, representing years of sponsorship and support.

Memorabilia and merchandise

Plaques are easily attached to walls by using the smallest of nails. Companies can choose plaques as their choice of memorabilia to be given out to visitors and customers. As mentioned, the plaque can employ the use of the company’s brand and design, so it also functions as another means of advertising for the company. If you want to take it a step further, the plaques can also be placed in your range of merchandise ideas.

The good thing about plaques is that society considers their use as distinguished and refined. Society associates plaques with excellence and quality, both concepts that you’d want your company to exemplify. If you are interested, work out a design and head on to the ME Trophies website at to get it produced.

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How to boost employee moral on budget?

For as long as people have accepted awards, there was seldom a time when we see someone take the stage and acknowledge the award without holding any object. From the Oscar’s to sports competitions such as Formula One races, the winner is always seen holding a trophy in his hand.

The trophy has become a symbol for achievement and recognition. To encourage better performances from employees, companies of today should try and apply the same concept of giving trophies to praise and provide incentive for noticeable performances.

The trophy serves as an inspiration for others to follow in the footsteps of the winners. They will realise that the ideal employee is not just an aspiration, but an actual status that can be achieved if you just work hard enough. The award is also a reflection of the employee’s importance to the company. Every piece of the corporate structure is important and essential, and the trophy serves as validation.

Employees need to understand that management pays attention to the feelings of the employees. There are programs such as team-building workshops, but some of them just end up being an extension of the office environment. What companies can do is set up incentives apart from monetary bonuses and added benefits. The trophy is a tangible object employees can display and show their families and friends. It serves as a reminder of how productive they can be. If the awarding process is done right, the momentum can build up, leading to a culture of diligence and productiveness.

In addition, management can also form teams and pit them in friendly competition with other groups. The teams will find ways to cooperate and infuse teamwork and there will be noticeable improvement in interpersonal relationship across the office. It might also surprise the management that employees will eventually look forward to these awarding events.

ME Trophies can provide you with quality trophies and fully customisable designs. More information is available at

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Custom Awards: How to make someone feel special.

The connection between employee morale and customer satisfaction is a concept which is often overlooked in business structures. Organising awards for deserving employees enhances performance and promotes a culture of hard work and team spirit.

Every product churned out by the company is a direct result of several departments. It usually starts with design and concept, which is then submitted to management for approval. Raw materials are then sent in to be assembled in the factory or the manufacturing plant. The items are then packaged and sent out for retail or wholesale.

From the different phases of production, there is a certain level of importance which is usually cited in meetings and corporate journals. But the truth is, just a little drop in performance from one of the processes can alter the quantitative output and execution of the whole system.

Companies need to recognise the importance of each segment, and giving out awards is one way to let employees know that their efforts do not go unnoticed. Each department has unique characteristics, and a creative approach should be applied to determine what type of awards to give out.

Design and Concept

Management might consider building several teams to work on a project. The winning design gets recognition, with a trophy to display and remind them of their accomplishment. The award will push others to work harder in striving to receive the award. Teams can be shuffled around in future projects so that people get exposed to different personalities.

Assembly and Manufacturing

Factory workers are more likely to get bored with repetitive tasks. Management can put up certain metrics such as amount of yield or days worked without incident. The drive to win the award can help employees to focus on their work and seek the award, rather than just do what they are asked to do with little effort involved. Instilling a sense of purpose is not easy to maintain, especially when communication is not regular.

Awards provide an avenue for management to reach out to their employees and motivate them with a reward apart from monetary considerations. A vast selection of trophies is available for you to choose from at

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Corporate Recognition Programs

Companies should include reward systems for their employees when considering productivity plans. Awards push individuals to be more productive and build up the team spirit between departments. There are several ways of implementing employee recognition programs.

Compliance metrics

Every company holds a set of rules to keep employees in line. Some industries require specially designed uniforms and safety equipment to be worn during work hours. Recognising compliant employees can help reinforce company policies.

A simple example is to give awards for perfect attendance without tardiness. In warehouses or construction sites, it is not that easy to enforce a system where everyone needs to log in and log out, even for breaks. The award can be a reminder for them to always try and clock in on time. A few weeks of implementation and you might witness a day when every employee is wearing their complete uniform.

Production output

In some industries, such as manufacturing, production and other output-based business, the work can be quite repetitive. It is a common occurrence where the employees resign because of boredom, even though they don’t admit it. Handing out awards for good performance can give them something to look forward to and aim for.

Management might consider giving a reward for most days without incident or work stoppages because of employee errors. This is also a clever way of encouraging departments to instil a sense of unity with team members. If an employee is underperforming, colleagues can step in and give them pointers. This leads to improvements in employee performance and cohesiveness of the team.

Employee milestones

Some companies rely on the functions of a factory to keep the business going. A creative way of giving out rewards is to quantify the amount of output each employee has been involved in. Maybe management can give awards for every five thousands hammers assembled. You get the idea.

The point is that companies should always consider the needs of employees, and giving out awards fills up the motivation tank of the workforce. If you’re interested in browsing for quality trophies and plaques, head on to and check out their extensive collection.

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