Posted on 20 Mar 2013

Awards and trophies for your team building program

Team building is a great way to strengthen the relationships in your business and encourage networking between colleagues. It harbours trust and allows employees to enhance their strengths as well as recognise others for theirs. Rewarding the hard work and new skills learned during a team building program is a great way to further encourage these positive results.

An award or trophy is a great approach to recognising someone’s effort. Trophies for hard workers or friendly employees during the team building program will greatly benefit the team as a whole, as the employee will be rewarded for their hard work to show they are noticed and encourage others to follow their example. It is important to let someone know when they are doing well as the feeling of recognition will mean they will continue the hard work down the track.

A prize for a team building exercise is also a great incentive to your employees. For example, if you have a competition that pits two teams of employees against each other, a trophy for the winning team will inspire friendly competition, encouraging the employees to work harder for the reward both during and beyond the program.

The point of a team building program is to bring together your employees and help them form a cohesive team, despite their different roles. Awards and trophies for a job well done, particularly when awarded to a group, will encourage this joint effort and help continue to unity back in the office or on the work site.

Whether you are on a budget or have a little more to spend, even a small award or trophy can have a big impact on an employee. ME Trophies, a Queensland based company offering corporate awards, has a wide range of products to suit your team building program. From glass trophies to custom plaques, they can help find the right product for you. Visit them online or call (07) 3393 9644 to find out more about their corporate awards.

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