Posted on 18 Nov 2012

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Corporate Recognition Programs

Companies should include reward systems for their employees when considering productivity plans. Awards push individuals to be more productive and build up the team spirit between departments. There are several ways of implementing employee recognition programs.

Compliance metrics

Every company holds a set of rules to keep employees in line. Some industries require specially designed uniforms and safety equipment to be worn during work hours. Recognising compliant employees can help reinforce company policies.

A simple example is to give awards for perfect attendance without tardiness. In warehouses or construction sites, it is not that easy to enforce a system where everyone needs to log in and log out, even for breaks. The award can be a reminder for them to always try and clock in on time. A few weeks of implementation and you might witness a day when every employee is wearing their complete uniform.

Production output

In some industries, such as manufacturing, production and other output-based business, the work can be quite repetitive. It is a common occurrence where the employees resign because of boredom, even though they don’t admit it. Handing out awards for good performance can give them something to look forward to and aim for.

Management might consider giving a reward for most days without incident or work stoppages because of employee errors. This is also a clever way of encouraging departments to instil a sense of unity with team members. If an employee is underperforming, colleagues can step in and give them pointers. This leads to improvements in employee performance and cohesiveness of the team.

Employee milestones

Some companies rely on the functions of a factory to keep the business going. A creative way of giving out rewards is to quantify the amount of output each employee has been involved in. Maybe management can give awards for every five thousands hammers assembled. You get the idea.

The point is that companies should always consider the needs of employees, and giving out awards fills up the motivation tank of the workforce. If you’re interested in browsing for quality trophies and plaques, head on to and check out their extensive collection.

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