Posted on 2 Dec 2012

Custom Awards: How to make someone feel special.

The connection between employee morale and customer satisfaction is a concept which is often overlooked in business structures. Organising awards for deserving employees enhances performance and promotes a culture of hard work and team spirit.

Every product churned out by the company is a direct result of several departments. It usually starts with design and concept, which is then submitted to management for approval. Raw materials are then sent in to be assembled in the factory or the manufacturing plant. The items are then packaged and sent out for retail or wholesale.

From the different phases of production, there is a certain level of importance which is usually cited in meetings and corporate journals. But the truth is, just a little drop in performance from one of the processes can alter the quantitative output and execution of the whole system.

Companies need to recognise the importance of each segment, and giving out awards is one way to let employees know that their efforts do not go unnoticed. Each department has unique characteristics, and a creative approach should be applied to determine what type of awards to give out.

Design and Concept

Management might consider building several teams to work on a project. The winning design gets recognition, with a trophy to display and remind them of their accomplishment. The award will push others to work harder in striving to receive the award. Teams can be shuffled around in future projects so that people get exposed to different personalities.

Assembly and Manufacturing

Factory workers are more likely to get bored with repetitive tasks. Management can put up certain metrics such as amount of yield or days worked without incident. The drive to win the award can help employees to focus on their work and seek the award, rather than just do what they are asked to do with little effort involved. Instilling a sense of purpose is not easy to maintain, especially when communication is not regular.

Awards provide an avenue for management to reach out to their employees and motivate them with a reward apart from monetary considerations. A vast selection of trophies is available for you to choose from at

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