Posted on 16 Dec 2012

How to boost employee moral on budget?

For as long as people have accepted awards, there was seldom a time when we see someone take the stage and acknowledge the award without holding any object. From the Oscar’s to sports competitions such as Formula One races, the winner is always seen holding a trophy in his hand.

The trophy has become a symbol for achievement and recognition. To encourage better performances from employees, companies of today should try and apply the same concept of giving trophies to praise and provide incentive for noticeable performances.

The trophy serves as an inspiration for others to follow in the footsteps of the winners. They will realise that the ideal employee is not just an aspiration, but an actual status that can be achieved if you just work hard enough. The award is also a reflection of the employee’s importance to the company. Every piece of the corporate structure is important and essential, and the trophy serves as validation.

Employees need to understand that management pays attention to the feelings of the employees. There are programs such as team-building workshops, but some of them just end up being an extension of the office environment. What companies can do is set up incentives apart from monetary bonuses and added benefits. The trophy is a tangible object employees can display and show their families and friends. It serves as a reminder of how productive they can be. If the awarding process is done right, the momentum can build up, leading to a culture of diligence and productiveness.

In addition, management can also form teams and pit them in friendly competition with other groups. The teams will find ways to cooperate and infuse teamwork and there will be noticeable improvement in interpersonal relationship across the office. It might also surprise the management that employees will eventually look forward to these awarding events.

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