Posted on 14 Jan 2013

In Australian Businesses, Do Awards Still Matter?

Do you still long to receive that coveted award from your company? Be it a recognition for exceptional performance or achieving targets, companies in Australia have proven that awards are still pertinent and appreciated.

Proper Recognition

In an organisation, every task in each department holds a certain level of importance to keep the company afloat. Depending on the awareness of individual employees, not everyone may be “in the know” as to how essential their contributions are to the company’s success. The presentation of awards serves as a reminder for everyone to value their work the same way management values them.

Right Motivation

Employees are driven by different factors: money, career growth, obligation. We all strive to be efficient workers, but finding the right motivation can be a challenge. Handing out performance awards to deserving employees gives them a tangible symbol which they can hold on to. Displaying the coveted trophy may even encourage productivity-related discussions amongst staff.

Healthy Competition

A healthy challenge draws out the competitive spirit of participants and raises the level of performance a notch higher. Companies can build on this idea of healthy competition by pitting sections or departments against each other. Each member will feel obligated to contribute to the team’s success. Winning the award provides each staff with a sense of fulfilment, thereby promoting a productive culture.

To answer the question: yes, awards are valued in the Australian work environment. Companies are certainly aware and have been handing out trophies and plaques to deserving staff. If your organisation doesn’t put this into practice, perhaps you can give it a try and contact ME Trophies.

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