Posted on 30 Dec 2012

Plaques – A Classy Approach

Trophies are often used as symbols and rewards to recognise the efforts and achievements by an individual or an organisation. If you want to add a touch of class to your awards, perhaps you might want to consider plaques from ME Trophies.

Recognition and motivation

Plaques are a good way to show recognition for performances and milestones. The space allows for more text, and you can hang it on the wall to invite the curious to come take a closer look. The inclusion of words and descriptions can serve as motivation for employees or team members to work harder and strive to replicate their accomplishments.

Sponsorship and representation

Companies see the benefit of using plaques for sponsorship ceremonies. During events, the plaques stand out, especially if reflective material is used. The plaque can be customised to be moulded in a branded design, with the choice of material applied accordingly. Through the adapted design, the plaque can also stand as the representation of the company’s contributions to a specific cause. It’s always a wonderful sight to see plaques lined up, representing years of sponsorship and support.

Memorabilia and merchandise

Plaques are easily attached to walls by using the smallest of nails. Companies can choose plaques as their choice of memorabilia to be given out to visitors and customers. As mentioned, the plaque can employ the use of the company’s brand and design, so it also functions as another means of advertising for the company. If you want to take it a step further, the plaques can also be placed in your range of merchandise ideas.

The good thing about plaques is that society considers their use as distinguished and refined. Society associates plaques with excellence and quality, both concepts that you’d want your company to exemplify. If you are interested, work out a design and head on to the ME Trophies website at to get it produced.

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