Posted on 31 May 2013

Symbols that say Thank You!

There are many ways you can show appreciation for a job well done. Whether it is to honour a fundraising initiative or to show an employee that their hard work is noticed, there are lots of ways to say thank you. Instead of going for a cliché, such as a card or food treat, why not give them a more memorable thank you with a plaque or trophy?


Fundraising events take a lot of time and effort. Whoever leads the fundraising event has to organise where and when, get participants, offer activities and food and drink and ensure they get a good return to take back to the charity. In most cases, this is with no reward. If you know someone who has led a fundraising event, or have worked with a person involved, a great way to show them their work is appreciated is with a thank you plaque or trophy.


Recognising the hard work of individuals can strengthen a team. Often, employees work hard without any reward. There are many ways to acknowledge this hard work, but an award can be a tangible and permanent way to say “thank you” for the hard work they put in every day or perhaps for a job well done with a difficult task or high profile client. In this case, a simple plaque is usually the best way to show your appreciation.

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